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Bellsup has focused on HVAC/R system insulation and insulation rubber and plastic materials research and development, manufacturing for more than ten years, the investment in Huizhou Ubibei Li R & D and production center in 2012 officially operated, covers an area of about 40,000 square meters, construction area of about 3 10,000 square meters, the first phase of investment in 4 automatic rubber and plastic production lines, the annual productivity of 300,000 cubic meters.

Support policy

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Support policy


1, Unified factory price nationwide

The contracted customers and the market guarantee are supplied by the lowest unified factory price in the country.


2, The right to use the brand

Brand authorization, the strong brand effect of Youbi-Fulis and Berlin-Fulus, the integration of marketing tools to provide market operation, brand publicity, business philosophy, operating procedures and so on.


3, Regional protection

With a standardized and scientific regional protection system, regional agents once signed exclusive operation. It can achieve regional protection, and can develop subordinate agency in its own region, and obtain long-term scale benefits.


4, Marketing support

Provide advanced marketing programs, the company appointed professional door-to-door marketing guidance and help market development work.


5, Business support

Free KT board, promotional album, small gifts, leaflets.


6. Over Completion Award.

After each dealer has fulfilled the undercover sales task in excess, the company awards the excess part and returns it in the form of goods in the first month of the next year.


7, Technical support

The company provides technical guidance and construction technical services for engineering projects.


8. Project support

Project preparation, approved by the company after the project authorization, the company to assist the project negotiation and technical support.


9, Publicity and promotion

In principle, the company invests 1:1 in the form of goods returned. In addition, the company will also assist the distributors to carry out promotional support and online brand publicity according to the characteristics of the local market.