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Corporate culture

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Corporate culture
Ubibex is engaged in developing, manufacturing and selling the most reliable, safe, durable and environmentally friendly rubber and plastic products.
Our success stems from unremitting efforts to help our customers improve productivity and quality of life.
Mission: To strive for innovation for the interests of customers, high quality service, high-tech innovation, high-speed development.
Create the best and most innovative rubber and plastic products in the world.
Like technological innovation, we are committed to cost creation.
Let more people get newer and better technology.
The lowest total cost of ownership and higher efficiency.
Core values
Achieving customers - we are committed to the satisfaction and success of every customer.
Enterprise Innovation - We pursue innovation that is critical to both our customers and our companies, while driving it fast and efficiently.
Honesty and Integrity - We are trustworthy, honest and responsible, both internally and externally.
Pluralism and Win-Win - We advocate mutual understanding, value diversity, and view our culture globally.