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Operation philosophy

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As far as the mind can go, so far can the cause; culture to guide the Ublim people to pursue higher realm. Yubibeime people always adhere to the economic, social and social win-win development model, with the "whenever and wherever, the mission of Ubby lime is consistent, so that people can feel comfortable and happy" service purpose. Following the policy of "company interests above all, employee interests companies care", under the steady, efficient and continuous management mechanism, a learning, innovative, practical and executive team organization has been built.


Operation philosophy


In the brand strategy, the product value is promoted to the brand value, and finally the brand becomes the core competitiveness of the group.


Integrity, build Hengyuan future;
Pragmatic, tree industry paradigm;
Dedication, build an elite team;
Innovate and build top 100 enterprises;
A vision of enterprise growth, a grand blueprint for the rise of a city, a great dream for the rise of a nation, is moving forward with passion - this is the power of dreams! This is the direction of the efforts of the people.