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  • Rock wool tube 2

  • Performance indicators: technical parameters
    Density: 110-140kg/m3
    Thickness: 25-150mm
    Inner diameter: 22-610 mm
    Thermal conductivity: 100°C, s0.044 W/m.k
    Fire rating: Class A1
    Fire resistance limit: 1~2 hours
    Hydrophobic rate: optional, >98%
    Maximum operating temperature: 450-650℃
    Thermal load shrinkage temperature: 400-600c
    Acidity coefficient: ≥2.0
  • Keyword:
    Rock wool tube 2

Thickness: 25-150mm
Inner diameter: 22-610 mm
Density: 110-140 kg per cubic meter
The thermal insulation rock wool pipe is rolled by a rock wool fiber with a mold and cured at a high temperature, which is convenient for installation and construction, and can ensure that the pipe shell is closely matched with the pipeline that needs heat preservation.

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