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Merchants To Join

Merchants To Join

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Description:Merchants To Join
Description:Merchants To Join

1. National unified ex-factory price

  The contracted customers and the market deposit are all supplied at the lowest unified ex-factory price in the country.


2. Brand usage rights

   brand authorization management, Ubi-Flys and Beining-Folx have a strong brand effect, integrated marketing methods, and provide market operations, brand promotion, business concepts, operating procedures, etc.


3. Regional protection

   has a standardized and scientific regional protection system, once the regional agency signs an exclusive operation. You can obtain regional protection, and you can develop lower-level agents in your own area to obtain long-term economies of scale.


4. Marketing support

  Provide advanced marketing programs, the company appoints professionals on-site marketing guidance and assistance in market development.


5. Opening support

   Free KT boards, brochures, small gifts, and leaflets are provided.


6. Over-completion award

  After each distributor has overfulfilled the guaranteed sales task, the company will give the excess part of the reward, and the reward will be returned in the form of goods in the first month of the next year.


7. Technical support

  The company provides engineering project technical guidance and construction technical services.


8. Project support

   Engineering project filing, project authorization can be approved by the company, and the company assists in project negotiation and technical support.


9. Promotion

  The company cooperates with distributors to advertise according to the sales situation of distributors in various regions. In principle, the investment is 1:1 and returned in the form of goods. In addition, the company will also assist distributors to carry out promotion and promotion support according to the characteristics of the local market, and online Branding.

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