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Marketing Director 面议 2024-07-25 Job Applications
Location of work: Guangdong Province - Guangzhou City - Liwan District Department: Marketing Department Age limitation for work: 5-10 years Educational background: Regular college Number of people to be recruited: 1
Qualifications of Operation Director<br />
1. Bachelor degree or above;<br />
2. Have more than 10 years of experience in business operation management. <br />
3. Possess professional knowledge and rich experience in corporate strategic planning and operation management;<br />
4. Possess professional knowledge of marketing and customer service;<br />
5. Have strong cost control capabilities;<br />
6. Possess rich experience in team leadership and management, as well as teamwork spirit. <br />

Responsibilities of Operations Director<br />
1. Responsible for organizing and formulating the company's annual and quarterly overall business plans, and formulating business goals;<br />
2. Responsible for organizing the formulation of marketing strategies and specific implementation measures, formulating corporate brand strategies, sales strategies, and establishing corporate image;<br />
3. Responsible for formulating the internal work flow of the enterprise to ensure that all tasks can be carried out smoothly;<br />
4. Develop or adjust marketing strategies based on market feedback information, monitor product quality, service quality, brand effect, and corporate image;<br />
5. Coordinate the work and relationship between various departments and establish an effective internal working mechanism of the enterprise;<br />
6. Establish a good cooperative relationship with the external departments of the company, coordinate the relationship with the government, the media, etc., to ensure a good external environment for the company;<br />
7. Establish an effective employee incentive system and be responsible for the performance appraisal of each department.
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